Cremated Remains Urns

Cremated Remains Urns

We have various Cremated Remains urns on display in our offices, below there is a small selection of our most popular urns. Please contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for or if you require more information.

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  • solid oak casket

    Solid Oak Casket

    We can provide a solid oak casket in light or mahogany with an inscribed brassed plate.

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  • mother of pearl

    Mother of Pearl Urn

    Above is a handcrafted mother of pearl urn, there are many other types of urns available, please contact us for more information.

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  • scatter tubes

    Cardboard Scatter Tube

    Cardboard scatter tubes are increasingly becoming more popular as a wood alternative, they come in many different designs and can be customised to make them unique and personal.

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  • chestnut bronze

    Miniature Keepsake Urn

    Miniature keepsake urn’s are perfect when keeping a small amount of the cremated remains. There are various different shapes so that it is individual to you.

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  • ashes to glass

    Ashes into Glass

    Ashes into Glass provide hand crafted jewellery, using your loved one’s ashes and coloured glass crystals. The jewellery can also be engraved to personalise each piece.

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  • sun dial


    Seasons Sundial with a cast bronze face with antique finish, the sundial can be personalised with an engraving plate. Can function as a memorial or a time capsule, the base contains a compartment for cremated remains.

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  • Untitled-2


    Sanctuary Birdbath in cast aluminium, hand painted with a songbird cast in brass, with personalised engraving plate. The birdbath can be used as a memorial, the base contains a compartment for Cremated Remains.

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