Affordable Repatriation Services Of Deceased To South Africa By TCS Worldwide Repatriations From Only £2,499

T Cribb & Sons offers complete, comprehensive end-to-end repatriation to South Africa, taking care of all the required legal requirements on your behalf, all at a starting cost of under £2500 This also includes completion of documentation. We have built good working relationships with Coroners, Embassy and Consulate officials in South Africa over the five generations we have been in operation, to complete the entire process in a way which is far more peaceful for you. We also work closely with funeral directors in South Africa, which provides you with another available service. All of this makes us leaders in our craft

We have a private funeral home in Beckton: Victoria House. It possesses stunning vigil rooms at family’s disposal along with facilities to prepare the deceased should the need or desire arise.

We are au fait with repatriation protocols of the deceased to South Africa, and consider it to be something we have a highly competent level of knowledge in. This reflects in the care we give the deceased and their families.

Repatriation Of A Deceased To South Africa

In the sad event someone arrives in South Africa with us, our comprehensive, caring service includes:

  • A Coffin/Casket from our all-encompassing range, catering to all body types
  • The deceased being removed from a mortuary
  • Tropical embalming services
  • In-mortuary care for the deceased
  • Washing and dressing of the deceased
  • Viewing of the deceased in our chapels of rest
  • Documentation for the deceased ready for travel with peace and dignity
  • Transportation of the deceased to the airport

Seamless Transportation Of The Deceased To South Africa 

With our experienced staff, we offer a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Worldwide repatriation and importation of the deceased and/or cremated remains
  • Emergency 24hr Service
  • State of the art mortuary facilities
  • Long term care of the deceased
  • Extensive choice of coffins and caskets
  • UK Funeral Services to suit your religious and cultural needs
  • Service room for memorials and religious services
  • Exhumation services
  • Document legalisation and translation services
  • Liaison with Consulates and Embassies
  • Customs clearances
  • Contacts with overseas agents
  • Flight booking
  • Private jet booking

Repatriation To South Africa With The Experts At T Cribb Repatriations

At T Cribb & Sons, we understand how upsetting repatriation of a deceased loved one can be. From the sadness to the signatures. We treat the deceased with the care, respect they deserve, and we would expect for ourselves, until they reach their final resting place in South Africa

From meeting the deceased, through to caring for the deceased and paperwork, onto transportation of the deceased to South Africa – We take care of it so you can be with your family and grieve without the extra stress. Not only do we respect the needs of the deceased: we respect your needs as a family too.

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