A Comprehensive Repatriation Service To Uganda From TCS Worldwide Repatriations From Under £2,500

Here at TCS worldwide repatriations, we intend to continue to be leaders in our profession, providing a complete, quality repatriation service to our families both locally and nationwide. To continue to uphold the standards of professionalism and the traditions established by the founder five generations ago is of paramount importance.

TCS repatriation is an international Company with a worldwide network of agents offering a complete service including repatriation to Uganda. We can arrange repatriation to and from anywhere in the world, and take care of all the documentation and legal requirements. T Cribb has many years of working with Coroners, Embassy & Consulate officials in Uganda to ensure minimum delay in preparing documents and arranging flights. We have extensive knowledge of not just the logistics of repatriation of a deceased to Uganda, but years of expertise dealing with many cultural and religious aspects of international travel.

To reflect the changing make up of our community we have gained specialist experience in repatriations to Uganda in particular.

Many of our clients choose to hold a memorial service in our service room at our Victoria House funeral home in Beckton, where facilities are also available for the private preparation of the deceased by the family and for vigils.

T Cribb & Sons Funeral Directors have earned an enviable reputation for providing the highest standards of service to their clients wherever and whenever required when it comes to repatriation of deceased to Uganda.

Repatriation Of A Deceased Relative To Uganda

Our professional service fees include;

  • Coffin/Casket
  • Removal of deceased from any mortuary
  • Tropical embalming and mortuary care
  • Washing and dressing of the deceased
  • Viewing of the deceased in our chapels of rest
  • Documentation and transportation to the airport

Transportation Of The Body To Uganda

With our experienced staff we are able to offer many services including:

• Worldwide repatriation & importation of deceased and cremated remains
• Emergency 24hr Service
• State of the art mortuary facilities
• Long term care of deceased
• Comprehensive selection of coffins and caskets
• UK Funeral Services
• Service room for memorials and religious services
• Private Washroom facilities
• Exhumation services
• Document legalisation & translations services
• Liaisons with Consulates & Embassies
• Customs clearance
• Contacts with overseas agents
• Flight booking service
• Private Jet booking service

Repatriation To Uganda Made Simple

At T Cribb & Sons we understand how daunting it can be undertaking the repatriation of a deceased relative to Uganda, particularly the legal and regulatory side of the operation. We do our utmost to take care of every single step for every single one of our families, so that you can have peace of mind that your relative is being taken care of to the highest standard. From meeting the deceased for the very first time, through to caring for the deceased and organising all relative documentation, onto the transportation of the deceased all the way through to Uganda, our repatriation experts ensure that we meet your expectations at every step. We love your family as we would our own until they reach their final destination in Uganda.

We work closely with funeral directors in Uganda to provide that end to end service that you require for your beloved family member.


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